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Ceri Jackson de Azevedo
BSc (Hons) MPH MICB PM.Dip

Before training to become a bookkeeper, I owned and managed a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro for almost a decade.

I fully understand what it is like to have your own business, the time constraints, the pressures, the stress of having to manage a workforce. The accounts are one of the most important tools that, if used properly, a business has. It is not just about complying with the HMRC VAT return deadlines every quarter and running the payroll. Your accounts can help you identify where improvements can be made to increase profit and decrease expenses. If certain areas of the business are making a loss, you need to be able to pinpoint the reasons why.

I have science degrees at both honours and masters level and for several years worked as an Accounts Manager during which, I attained my qualifications from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. The ICB is an internationally recognised regulatory and training body by which I am licensed and regulated so you can be assured of quality and professionalism. 

Rebus Bookkeeping and Accountancy has professional bookkeepers indemnity insurance and is also registered under the Data Protection Act.